Saturday, April 7, 2007


Nov 14th 2006 - German customs overlooks the destruction of fake designer shoes in Hamburg, northern Germany. German customs officers have seized what they said could be the world’s largest haul of counterfeit goods, including nearly 1 million pairs of ‘knock-off’ Nike sneakers. The customs department in the northern port of Hamburg said it had confiscated a total of 117 shipping containers filled with fake goods since the end of August. The equivalent amount of genuine branded goods would be worth about euros 383 million (US$ 490 million), it said in a statement. The goods included 101 containers loaded with 945,384 pairs of counterfeit Nike sneakers, and 10 more containers with about 105,000 pairs of fake Adidas and Puma sports shoes. Also impounded were 76,760 fake watches and 1,454 toys. more at pumatalk


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