Friday, April 13, 2007


Seeing as I will never be able to afford a porsche I have decided that, based on my current income, a pimped out BMX is the equivalent goal. Allthough I will not be able to flash my "porsche" keyring at party's I will be able to pull endo's and skid's like nobody's business in the party holders front yard. The pictures on the left are equivalent to (a) Lambourghini (b) 1970ish Lotus Esprit (c) Old Porsche 911 and (d) Delorean (w/back to the future mods). For more killer rides check out the BMX museum here....if you need some NOS (New old stock) parts for your whip head over here to Ginny Rini's bike shop, they have the best selection of parts on the web and even the website is "old school"! Enjoy......


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