Sunday, April 1, 2007


Some people dream of Ferrari's and others Porsche 911's, when I grow up I want a Sinclair C5, wanna know why? here's a little history: The Sinclair C5 was a battery electric vehicle invented by Sir Clive Sinclair and launched in the United Kingdom on 10 January 1985. The C5 took the form of a battery-assisted tricycle steered by handles on either side of the driver seat. Powered operation was possible making it unnecessary for the driver to pedal to make progress. It had a top speed of 15 miles per hour (24 km/h), chosen because vehicles unable to travel faster could be driven without a driver's licence in the UK.
Relatively cheap to purchase (it sold for £399 + £29 for delivery), the C5 quickly became an object of popular ridicule, and was a commercial disaster with only around 17,000 being sold. Now do you want one?


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