Sunday, July 22, 2007


I grew up skateboarding in Britian, I didn't have Transworld or Thrasher, all I had was R.A.D. I was working on some "old-school" research the other day and came a cross a site which is dedicated to R.A.D Magazine in the crucial years (up until 1993) the authors plan (I am assuming he used to work for the mag) is to "re-publish each magazine, a page at a time, until the whole lot is here" It's worth checking out just for the scans of "vintage ads".....more here


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Tim Leighton-Boyce said...

Thanks for mentioning the site. Yes, I used to work on the magazine alongside some very inspiring people.

It's always interesting to see how far so many of the skaters from that period have gone, both in terms of geography and their work.

For example, you mention the digital Leica in another post. That's a device favoured by Matt Stuart in his post-skate work...